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For 25 years, we have already been involved in selling, designing and implementing audio video systems for residential, but also commercial projects.

During that time, we have also had the opportunity to participate in many interesting projects both in the Czech Republic and abroad and cooperate with leading Czech architects and designers.

We are trying to design systems so that they fully meet requirements and demands of our customers, regardless the amount of investments. In our portfolio, there are a number of well-known marks,

but you can also find such marks here you have never heard of, yet you cannot do without them in your project as they offer exactly such solutions you require. On our new website you can also find

a lot of advice and tips that can direct you to the expected target. We would like to offer you our long-term experience and help you fulfil your ideas and expectations in the field of audiovisual technology.


The work can also be a fun and we put it into practice in the form of designs and implementation of high-end systems for the most demanding customers.

In our company, everything is revolving around the unique mark MBL using its own patented technology of sound distribution that represents the absolute leading edge in the audiophile world.

So in combination with products of some other marks of a similar level we offer the comprehensive solution for our high-end clientele.


You can become convinced of the exceptionality of these products themselves if you arrange a listening meeting with us. We are looking forward to you.



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High-end studio
MBL systems



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